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A brightly coloured long-tail boat cuts the waves between spectacular limestone cliffs – A rickety tuk-tuk dances through the city lights – A pair of recently retired teachers share a meal on a sun-drenched beach – And here we are, on the internet, distracting ourselves.

There are so many reasons to love Thailand. And I fell head over heels. The people, the food, the history, the jaw-dropping scenery. And get this – it’s hot there when it’s cold here.

This volume explores the kingdom’s stunning landscapes, hits the bustling streets of Bangkok and steps into the ring with the country’s national sport. We are introduced to the famous Thai ladyboys and get ready for the notorious Full Moon Party, before reflecting on the tragic events of Boxing Day 2004.

Pack your bags. Pai Laew Na Krab.


01 / 20+ Photos of Thailand That’ll Make You Want To Pack Your Bags and Go / Every Steph

“White, beaches, waterfalls and emerald waters; rice fields, elephants, and beautiful mountain landscapes. Thailand is a famous destination but are you sure you’ve seen it all? Here are 20+ mind-blowing photos of Thailand that’ll make you want to pack your bags and go…right now!”

02 / Wild Thailand: exploring Khao Sok National Park / Dora Ball / Lonely Planet

“…alive with whooping gibbons, flashing hornbills and with such richness of flora and fauna that an entomologist on honeymoon once picked up a rock and discovered a new species…”

03 / Under the Mountains / James MacDonald / Sidetracked

“‘I don’t know, lets just see where it goes!’ my friend shouts from a tall stand of bamboo high above the Chiang Dao valley. Famous last words if I have ever heard them. I am hot, drenched in sweat, lugging camera gear, and attempting to fend off spiders and their seemingly indestructible webs.”

04 / Bangkok – the good, bad and ugly sides to the Thai capital for visitors / Tim Pile / Post Magazine / 2017

“The most visited city of 2016 offers amazing food, spas, temples and a favourable exchange rate between the Thai baht and other currencies. However, beware of tourist traps and the deadly traffic”

05 / Bangkok’s First Biennale: Politics, Temples and Sex / David Belcher / New York Times / 2019

“The city’s inaugural event has pushed the boundaries of censorship and what constitutes art — and how and where to display it.”

06 / Paradise Bangkok’s 21st Century Molam / Boat / 2015

“’The key to understanding any people is in its art: its writing, painting, sculpture, music.’ -Louis L’Amour, Education of a Wandering Man”

07 / The Place to Disappear / Susan Orlean / The New Yorker / 2000

“All languages are welcome on Bangkok’s Khao San Road, including Drunkard.”

08 / Busting a Food Myth: Wine Really Does Go With Thai Cuisine / Jarrett Wrisley / The Atlantic / 2011

“On a night when rain fell loudly in Bangkok, flooding the street outside, a stranger peered into my restaurant’s dimly lit dining room.”

09 / Ladyboys: The third gender in Thailand / Blond Travels

“What comes to your mind when you think of Thailand? I know what you will say. You will probably tell me about paradise beaches, palm trees, good food, temples, Buddha statues and scooters. Then, with a bit of irony and humour, you will mention go – go bars and ladyboys.”

10 / The art of eight limbs / Jim Welch / Asian Geographic

“It’s a wet Monday morning and I’m trawling through my emails when some magic words catch my eye: ‘12 days in Thailand’.”

11 / VIDEO: Thai Kickboxers / National Geographic / YouTube / 2009

“Brothers Craig and Paul learn what it takes to be a strong man in Thailand, and it’s not what they expected.”

12 / VIDEO: Thai king funeral: Thousands gather in Bangkok streets / BBC News / YouTube / 2017

“Big crowds are gathering for a five-day funeral ceremony for Thailand’s revered King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who died last October aged 88.”

13 / Shrooms, Raves, and Murder: How Thailand’s Full Moon Parties Turned Violent / Robyn Wilson / Vice / 2018

“What started out as intimate hippy beach gatherings transformed into infamous all-night drug-fueled parties.”

14 / Tourists Are Reporting a Dramatic Surge in Harassment by Thai Police / Ian Lloyd Neubauer / Time / 2015

“The victims have little recourse when reporting incidents to the police, because the perpetrators are police officers.”

15 / Indian ocean tsunami – readers’ memories: ‘It was like being in a giant washing machine full of nails on a spin cycle’ / Caroline Bannock / The Guardian / 2014

“We asked readers to share their memories of how the Indian ocean Tsunami in 2004 affected them. Their experiences are shocking and moving”

16 / Into the dark / Shannon Gormley/ MacLean’s / 2019

“The inside story of an improbable team of divers, a near-impossible plan and the rescue of 12 boys from a Thai cave”